These types of lawn mower offer extra convenience as they can be used immediately after purchase without having to wait for batteries or charging time, unlike some battery-powered models. You might think that corded electric mowers would be slower than gas-powered options, but they come with various cutting widths so you can choose one that matches your requirements perfectly – from 0.8m all the way up to 1.5m in width, so there's something for everyone.

If you're looking for additional features like adjustable cutting heights and self-sharpening blades, then look out for one of the best corded electric lawn mowers on our list below - it may just help you find the perfect tool for your garden!

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Gas Mowers vs Corded Electric Mowers?

Gas lawn mowers and corded electric mowers are two popular options for lawn care. Gas mowers are powerful and can handle thick grass with ease, but require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. They also tend to be louder than electric models. Corded electric mowers offer the convenience of not having to mix gas and oil or pull-start a motor, but they do require a nearby power source. These models tend to be quieter and more lightweight than their gas counterparts, making them easier to maneuver around tight corners or hilly terrain. They also don’t produce any emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option. Ultimately, the choice between gas and corded electric mowers comes down to personal preference, budget, and the size of your yard.

What size yard is best for a corded electric lawn mower?

When deciding what size yard is best for a corded lawn mower, it’s important to consider the type of terrain you will be mowing. If your yard is mostly flat with open spaces, then any size corded lawn mower should work. However, if you have hills, tight areas or obstacles in your yard then a smaller corded electric model may be more suitable. A small lawn up to 1/4 acre typically does not require a powerful motor and can be handled easily by a small corded electric model. For small to medium-sized lawns, up to 1/2 acre, look for a more robust model with higher power output ratings and features like self-propelled drive systems that make handling tougher terrain easier. Ultimately, the best size lawn mower for your needs depends on the layout of your yard, so it’s important to take time to assess before making a purchase.

Should I get a corded lawn mower if I have a large yard?

If you have a larger lawn, a corded lawn mower is an excellent choice. Not only are they generally more powerful and efficient than cordless models, but you don't have to worry about having to constantly charge your battery or having it run out of power mid-mow. In addition, corded lawn mowers require less maintenance and are usually more affordable than other types. However, the downside is that you will have to drag the cord around with you as you move around your yard. If you think this may be too cumbersome for your needs, then a cordless model may be better suited for your needs.

Tips for using a corded electric lawn mower?

Using a corded lawn mower is a great way to keep your yard looking beautiful. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your corded lawn mower: First, make sure you read the instructions carefully before attempting to use the machine. Second, be aware of the power cable as you move around and don't run over it with the mower. Third, check your grass height before mowing and set the cutting height accordingly. Fourth, regularly check and clean the blades to ensure they are sharp and free from debris. Fifth, keep an eye on the power cable to ensure it does not become frayed or kinked. Finally, always store your electric mower in a dry place when not in use to help prevent rusting or damage. Following these tips will help you get the most out of your corded lawn mower and maintain a lush green lawn all season long.

How We Choose

We've reviewed the best corded electric lawn mowers to help you find the right one for your needs. Whether you're looking for a powerful option that can handle tough grass or a lightweight machine that's easy to maneuver, there's an option here for you.  Check below for our top picks for the best electric lawn mowers of 2023.


BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13-Amp, 20-Inch (MM2000)

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Why We Love It

The BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower is a mid-range electric lawn mower that offers great value for the price. While it can't match the power of more expensive models, it does offer three cutting modes and a decent warranty for an affordable price.

The cutting height range on this model is between 1.5 to 4 inches, which should be fine for most people's lawns. The deck design on this mower means you'll need to take care when using it near fences or other obstacles, but we found it worked well regardless of your height settings. One thing we didn't like was how much of a bump this mower has when starting up compared to others in our test group - it almost feels like an outlier in comparison. But once running, this mower uses less energy than any other electric lawnmower we tested, so if you're worried about the cost factor there's that at least.

Greenworks Lawn Mower

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a mid-range electric lawn mower, then the Greenworks 20-inch is an excellent choice. It has a decent cutting width of 20 inches, with seven height adjustment settings from one and a half to three and a quarter inches.

In terms of power, this model offers 12 amp batteries that can offer up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted run time at full speed. The blades are steel which will make short work of any grass clippings thrown up during your mowing session, while the cutting deck is cast aluminum which helps this model resist wear over time.

The Greenworks 20-inch is relatively light weight at 56 pounds, unlike heavy mowers this makes this mower ideal to navigate your yard without causing too much strain on your back or limbs while you mow the lawn.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Lawn Mower

CRAFTSMAN Electric Lawn Mower, 20-Inch, Corded, 13-Ah (CMEMW213)

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Why We Love It

The Craftsman 20-inch Push Mower is another high-quality product that's very reasonably priced. It has a 20-inch cutting deck and 13 amp motor to offer great performance, while the three-in-one functionality includes a bagging, mulching and side discharge options.

You get a decent amount of user control with the Craftsman 20-inch corded lawn mower – you can set the height of your cut as well as choose from three different cutting modes. The handle folds down for easy storage, and there's even a blade guard for safe mowing in sensitive areas like flower beds.

Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

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Why We Love It

The Sun Joe electric lawn mower is a great choice for those who want to buy an affordable option that still offers good quality. With a 13 amp motor, it's powerful enough to cut through thick grass with ease.

The steel blade is 14 inches in length and can be adjusted up or down three different settings to suit your own personal preference. The three position height control also allows you to tailor the cutting deck if you want to go lower or higher for more precision.

You get a decent 10-6 gallon bag capacity which will hold around 3/4th of what your average mower can hold and fits into the hardtop rear collection bag which detaches easily so you don't have to bend down over your machine while emptying it out.

Best Corded Lawn Mower FAQs

It seems like there are a million questions to answer when it comes to choosing the best corded electric lawn mower. Do you need something for your yard, or do you want a gift for a friend?

You probably have tons of questions about how to choose the right lawn mower for your needs but don't know where to start. We've created this guide with some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about choosing an electric lawn mower, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next lawn care tool!

Are Corded Lawn Mowers easy to use?

Corded Mowers are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their ease of use and affordability. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver and require minimal maintenance. The corded models are powered by an electric motor, so all you have to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go. These mowers also offer the convenience of using the same power source as your other outdoor tools such as leaf blowers or trimmers. Furthermore, they provide a clean, quiet cut with no emissions or fumes like gas-powered mowers. In addition, they require less energy than gas-powered mowers and feature adjustable cutting heights for a precise cut every time. With minimal effort, you can maintain a neat and tidy lawn without any hassles!

How Long Do Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Last?

Most corded electric lawn mowers should last for at least five years with proper care, but your machine's life span can vary depending on usage. A well-made corded electric lawn mower can last for 10 or even 15 years if it receives infrequent use and proper maintenance, but most models will only last for about five years if used often and inconsistently.

Some of the best corded electric lawn mowers include extra features that make them easier to push through thick grass or long distances. These features also play a role in how long your corded electric lawn mower lasts as they reduce strain on the motor and other parts.

Do They Make A Self-propelled Corded Electric Lawn Mower?

Self-propelled corded electric lawn mowers are a good option if you want the convenience of an electric mower but still want the power that comes with using electricity. They're also great if you don't have a reliable source of gas nearby. The self-propelled mower feature means you won't need to bend over and push as you go, which is ideal if your lawn is large or uneven.

The only downside to corded electric mowers is obvious – they're limited by having an electrical cord, so their range can be quite restricted unless you invest in long extension cords. It's important to note that corded lawn mowers tend not to offer quite as much power as their gas counterparts either, so it might take a little longer for them to cut through tougher grass

How Do I Care For My Corded Electric Lawn Mower?

A corded electric lawn mower is easy to maintain as long as you keep it clean and store it in a dry place. Be sure to empty the grass bag after each use, wash the deck with soap and water, and apply a grease or spray lubricant if instructed by the manufacturer. Store it in a cool, dry location so that any exposed metal won't rust.

If your corded electric lawn mower has wheels, be careful not to roll it down stairs or other steep inclines; doing so can damage the drivetrain. Also, avoid running over sharp objects like rocks or sticks that could poke holes in your tires or lead to other damage.

What Are The Benefits Of A Corded Electric Lawn Mower?

Corded electric lawn mowers are easier and cheaper to run than their cordless counterparts. They don't require extra batteries, which makes them ideal if you have a small garden and only need to do the odd bit of mowing.

Almost all corded electric lawn mowers also come with a handy grass box so you can collect your cuttings as you work and quickly dump them away for composting or disposal. This is something many cordless electric mowers lack, which could be frustrating if your garden isn't close to the waste collection area.

Corded electric lawn mowers are also generally much quieter than their petrol counterparts, making them better for families who live in densely populated areas where there's always going to be noise from traffic and other sources.


The best corded electric lawn mower is perfect for customers who want a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to maintain their yard. These mowers are low maintenance with no gas or oil required, plus they offer powerful motors that can cut through even the toughest grass and weeds. They also have durable construction so they will last for years with proper care. The best corded electric lawn mower offers an environmentally friendly solution to lawn care without the need for extension cords or gas cans. With its combination of power, convenience and affordability, it's the ideal choice for any homeowner looking to keep their yard neat and tidy without breaking the bank.

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